German TV in UK, England, Ireland, Scotland, Ireland and Wales now has FREE GERMAN TVthroughout the UK – all major cities.
No Satellite needed – just your broadband to the world wide web
You need a PC,broadband and our Revolutionary TV Stick
The media shifting technology to receive GERMAN TV CHANNELS online ensures a clear trouble free TV picture

It works on any Mac OSX or Windows computer.

Just plug in the TV Stick and watch live FREE GERMAN TV

DO NOT pay monthly fees to watch GERMAN TV stations.

If you’re wondering how is this possible. Well its the result of our latest revolutionary USB TV Stick technology from Europe allowing the possibility of GERMAN Free to Air TV via the internet.



Yeah Right – you are thinking – There’s no such thing as a free lunch.
GERMAN TV service is FREE… Just purchase our TV Stick at our introductory price of only £82
We now have customers in all major cities throughout the UK
If you’ve been thinking about getting GERMAN TV ,then FREE TV
with NO MONTHLY FEES will be the decider.
Or if you thought you lacked the computer skills – then our
“Plug and Play” GERMAN TV Stick is for you.
You dont need to pay for an expensive satellite Service We have now changed that.
So how much money will FREE GERMAN TV save you in the future.
Over 2 years it would cost $504 with a cable company at $21 a month,
It would cost you $372 (at $15.50 a month) for an GERMAN proxy or vpn.
The difference with us is “The TV is free after you buy the TV Stick”